Thursday, 24 April 2014

New Mugs!

New Mugs

Two lovely new mugs from Nicholas John Frith and HelloWilson are now available on our website.

These microwave and dishwasher safe mugs join other mugs from the Beast in Show range including Tea and Bears also by Nicholas John Frith and Gemma Correll's Pugs Not Drugs mug.
Awesome Cup of Joe mug by Nicholas John Frith
The handy thing about an elephant barista is that he'll never forget your favourite blend. Let's just hope he doesn't crush you when he stampedes out of the door when he sees that little mouse! Simply put, if you're a coffee imbiber you can't do better than this awesome cup of joe.

The surprise picture at the bottom of this mug is some super-cute coffee beans and the phrase 'bean and gone'... get it?!? Ach, nobody's too cool for a good pun.

View all items by Nicholas John Frith at Soma Gallery here

Octopus Mug by Hello Wilson
You know what they say, many hands make light work and all that. Hopefully the highly decorated, super-helpful Octopus on this mug will give you a hand (or eight) with the housework whilst you sit down and put your feet up with a cuppa.

The surprise picture inside this mug is a tentacle that will creep up out of your tea whilst you're not looking!

View all ceramics on the Soma Gallery website here

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Next Exhibition: The Current

Jess Wilson

Next Exhibition: The Current
Featuring Adam Bridgland, Jess Wilson, Adam Hayes, Lucy Gough and Matthew Green
Opens Saturday 17th May and runs until 28th June

Jess Wilson (image top)

Jess Wilson graduated in 2006 and has been living and working in London ever since. Graduating from university with a 1st degree honours in Graphic design she started straight away getting her illustration work out there. Jess has worked with top clients producing big jobs for magazines, clothing ranges, prints, books and packaging. As well as working with clients Jess tries to get involved in as many exhibitions as possible and carrying out self initiated projects.

Adam Hayes

Adam Hayes

Adam Hayes is a specialist in hand-rendered typography and intricate, intelligent illustration.

His prolific work style has generated an impressive portfolio that reflects an interest in vernacular lettering and a fascination with urban and natural landscapes.

Adam’s creative process see’s his simple pencil sketches transformed and refined into elaborate and optimistic illustration. Each project is concept-driven, allowing his work to grow and maintain a sense of energy and sophistication.

A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Adam has since established a diverse client base which welcomes collaboration with global companies, charitable organisations and small, local start-ups.

Adam Bridgland

Adam Bridgland

Born in 1979, Adam Bridgland studied printmaking at Norwich School of Art & Design and then studied at the Royal College of Art (MA Fine Art Printmaking).

Since graduating in 2006, Bridgland has used a diverse range of materials and working methods to pursue an incisive and often witty exploration of distinctively British sentiments, externalising the underlying sense of loss and nostalgia that permeates our memories.

He has exhibited widely in the UK, America, Europe and Asia. The British Museum, the V&A, UBS, Boeing Asia and Debbie Harry are just some of the collectors of Adam's work. In July 2009 Adam was awarded his first major public art commission by Commissions East. He completed his second public art commission for SmartLIFE in Cambridge in November 2011.

Matthew Green
Matthew Green

Matthew Green excels in producing beautifully hand-drawn illustrations, his signature style is often compared to wood-cut prints and etchings. Beyond this craftsmanship and at the heart of all of Matthew’s work lies an enormous sense of fun. He creates worlds and moments where fantasy can meet the most mundane; from a voyeuristic zebra who resides in an old wooden shed to a glamorous blue tit dining for one.

Lucy Gough
Lucy Gough

Lucy Gough studied Creative & Cultural Studies at Norwich School of Art and since graduating in 2002 has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and beyond.

Lucy’s most recent work draws inspiration from a variety of sources including architecture, industry and the solar system. The stylised representation of everyday objects and use of hand drawn type are recurrent themes in her artistic practice. The content of the text varies in its sentiment from poetic to purposeful to playfully ironic.

Andy Smith New Exhibition at Soma

Andy Smith at Soma Gallery, Bristol

Four Fonts Walk Into a Bar...
An Exhibition of Silkscreen Prints by Andy Smith
Opens Saturday 1st March 2014

Our new exhibition by Andy Smith is now open in our first floor gallery space. All the prints and items from the exhibition are available to view and purchase online.

The artwork of Andy Smith has at its core a sense of optimism and humour. This new collection of work by the award winning illustrator revels in this and explores the theme of popular jokes, one liners, gags and puns.

He presents a set of images which experiment with hand drawn typography and silkscreen printing that are bold, colourful and eye popping- his most colourful work yet.

Complementing the prints on paper are some of his popular, large, wooden printed signs, books and objects all signed and numbered by Andy.

Come along and find out what happened when those four fonts went into that bar!

View all the prints on our website here

View photos of the exhibition on Flickr here

Andy Smith at Soma Gallery, Bristol

Andy Smith at Soma Gallery, Bristol

Andy Smith at Soma Gallery, Bristol

Andy Smith at Soma Gallery, Bristol

Signed copies of 'I Like It. What Is It' poster book by Anthony Burrill

Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book
We have some signed copies of Anthony Burrill's new poster book, 'I Like It. What Is It' now available. Each book has been signed at the back by Anthony and he has included an extra large poster in with each! The books are available at £19.95 and are available on our site or in the gallery.

For our Bristol customers, we have a selection of frames available that fit the posters.

View the poster book here

View all work by Anthony Burrill here
Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book

I Like It. What Is It? is a collection of unique posters featuring catchy typographic slogans by designer Anthony Burrill. Simply pull out the detachable prints and display the bright statements on your wall.
Artfully designed and printed using special colours, these bespoke artworks will brighten up any room or workspace. Burrill's persuasive and upbeat style of graphic communication will appeal to design lovers from all walks of life.

Includes 30 pull-out posters, with details of the stories behind the designs on the back, and a page of witty stickers including 'This Way Down' and 'Sorry, We're Open!'

‘Burrill is a great designer because he makes you notice and appreciate truths that would otherwise remain dead and inert. His work has such resonance because it’s so true: we should all work hard and be nice.’ Alain de Botton
Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book
About the Author 
Anthony Burrill was born in Lancashire and studied Graphic Design at Leeds Polytechnic University. Following an MA at the Royal College of Art, London, he has created pieces for clients including Wallpaper*, The Economist and The Design Museum. His work is held in the permanent collections of the V&A Museum in London and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, New York.
Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book
Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book
Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book
Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book
Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book
Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book
Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book
Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book
Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book
Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book
Anthony Burrill - I Like It. What Is It? Book

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Last Posting Dates for Christmas

Christmas Building Christmas card by Alice Pattullo

We have compiled a list of last posting dates for your Christmas orders. Please see the list below for our advised last orders. As ever, we would ask you to place your orders as soon as possible to ensure your parcel arrives in time (and that we don't sell out of anything!) and to advise you that these dates are just a guide. We cannot be held responsible for orders arriving late due to the postal service.

Please try to get your orders in by the following dates and times:

Standard delivery - Thursday 19th December 4pm
Express delivery - Sunday 22nd 2pm

Western Europe (excluding France Greece & Poland)
Airmail (by Royal Mail) - Friday 13th December 4pm

Airmail (by Royal Mail) - Thursday 12th December 4pm

Canada, France, Greece, Poland
Airmail (by Royal Mail) - Monday 9th December 4pm

Cyprus, Eastern Europe
Airmail (by Royal Mail) - Sunday 8th December 2pm

Africa, Caribbean, Central & South America, Middle East
Airmail (by Royal Mail) - Thursday 5th December 4pm

Airmail (by Royal Mail) - Wednesday 4th December 4pm

Asia, Far East (including Japan), New Zealand
Airmail (by Royal Mail) - Tuesday 3rd December 4pm

If you miss any of these dates...
If you are outside of the UK, we may be able to send your parcel by UPS. Please contact us for a quote as delivery speed and prices vary by country.

Please use these dates as a guide only and please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries about sending your orders. Please note that the time stated is UK time!

You can read Royal Mail recommended dates here. Don't forget we need time to process and pack your orders!

Image above is Christmas House card by Alice Pattullo and you can buy it on our website here.

New Artist: Alice Pattullo

Spirit of the Ship by Alice Pattullo

Alice Pattullo is the newest addition to Soma. She is an illustrator and printmaker based in London. Alice graduated in 2010 with a First Class Honours in Illustration from Brighton University.

Alice works predominantly in screen print producing limited edition prints for sale in various outlets across the UK and online. Research is at the heart of her practice and her work is often inspired by British folk tradition and superstition, 1930s American musicals and celebrity culture to name a few! She is inspired by mid-century design and strives to create a nostalgic aesthetic in her own work through colour choices and composition.

You can view all work by Alice on our website here

Shell Museum by Alice Pattullo

Alphabet of Superstitions - R by Alice Pattullo

Worshipful Company of Glovers by Alice Pattullo

Saturday, 21 September 2013

New Screenprinted Signs from Andy Smith

Eat Your Greens by Andy Smith

We've got some great new screenprinted signs in at the moment by Andy Smith. 'Eat Your Greens' above and 'Spill the Beans' below. Plus more 'It's All Downhill from Here' arrows pictured at the bottom. All are £100 and available on our website or in the Bristol gallery.

Spill the Beans by Andy Smith

Downhill by Andy Smith

View all pieces by Andy Smith on our website here
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