Saturday, 10 November 2012

Crispin Finn's 2013 Year Planner

Crispin Finn's 2013 Year Planner

The incredibly popular Crispin Finn handmade Year Planner is into its 5th year!

As ever they have tried to improve on last years and have made a few practical adjustments.
The size of the grid has been adjusted and separated out from each month to allow for additional annotation that spans across many dates. They have also alternated the colour of months to allow for easy tracking. Weekends are clearly defined and easily spotted as a block with a thick border. Public holidays are highlighted with a small sun icon, and as always they've kept the design practical, functional but also aesthetically pleasing and in their trademark red, white and blue.

Embossed 2 colour screenprint on 120gsm 100% recycled, biodegradable white paper, measuring 997 x 700mm. Open edition.

Each planner comes hand folded and sealed in a screenprinted brown kraft bag.

Crispin Finn's 2013 Year Planner

Working predominantly in red, white and blue, a restriction they initially set themselves in order to hand produce simple and affordable designs, the colour scheme has become part of the Crispin Finn identity.

As well as commisioned projects and freelance work, they also produce limited runs of ephemera.

You can view all work by Crispin Finn here.

And you can view the planner on our website here.

Crispin Finn's 2013 Year Planner

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