Saturday, 23 April 2011

Artist of the week: Gemma Correll

'I Need A Wee' card by Gemma Correll

I've decided to start a weekly feature on here [edit: didn't last long!]. One of our artists will be featured and I'll post every Saturday. I'm starting with Gemma Correll as we've recently received some new cards designed by her for Hotchpotch. Image above 'I Need a Wee', below 'Let's Dance' and 'Malcolm'. You can view Gemma's page on our website here.

'Let's Dance' card by Gemma Correll

'Have You No Sense of Decency, Malcolm?' card by Gemma Correll

Gemma Correll's distinctive illustrations are addictive, especially her delightfully abundant images of pugs (including the wonderful Mr.Pickles) and cats.

Gemma graduated from the Norwich School of Art and Design in 2006 with a degree in Graphic Design and now works as a freelance illustrator. Her clients range from Virgin Holidays to the wonderful Anorak Magazine.

Gemma is probably best known for her Pugs Not Drugs design which you can buy on a tote bag here.

Pugs Not Drugs tote by Gemma Correll

She is currently living in Germany. Keep an eye out on this blog and our website if you are a fan as we have something designed by Gemma for us coming this way...

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Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. Particularly like the 'Let's Dance' graphic. Found it entertaining.

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