Saturday, 5 March 2011

Boyces Avenue over the years

Inspired by Analogue's old photo of their new shop, I thought I would do the same with the old photos of Boyces Avenue I've found on Flickr. None are good enough quality to see what our shop used to be, but not that much has changed over the years.

First up is our street in (at an uneducated guess) around the late 1800's early 1900's. We're on the right hand side towards the arch in the middle of the terrace of three two storey shops. The building with the bicycle outside it on the left was demolished in the 50's and one of the single storey shops on the right hand side is now two stories.

Clifton Bristol BS8
Photo by Brizzle Born and Bred

Then a view through the arch towards Boyces avenue in the 50's. You can't see our shop, but you can see a bacon van which would probably be parked outside us.

1950s Boyce's Ave Clifton Bristol BS8
Photo by Brizzle Born and Bred

Unfortunately this image from 1978 can only be viewed by following the link but it's worth looking at it large

Finally there's a 1991 photo here of what is now the entrance to Clifton Arcade and the Primrose Cafe over the road from us where we were for 6 years before moving to number 4. It was built as an arcade but was used as a storage depository until the current owners took it over in an almost derilict state and rebuilt parts and refurbished it.

Boyces Avenue, 1991
Photo by Photopic Eye

A view of the Arcade entrance and the Primrose Cafe today here.

Brizzle Born and Bred has a lot more information about the area on his Flickr stream. Clifton set here.

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Arch Hosue Deli said...

Great pictures. The picture of the chemist in the arch way confused us as the shop appeared to be on the wrong side. But we finally realised that it must be cabinets of products rather than the shop itself.

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