Tuesday, 10 August 2010

We're moving to a big shop!

We've got some very exciting news at the moment... not only are we getting a new website, but we're getting a new shop as well!

Last week I received the keys to a much larger shop over the road from the Arcade where we are currently. We've put a small amount of photos on our flickr here but we'll upload a load more in the coming days. We've already done an awful lot of work since those photos were taken!

4 Boyces Avenue will be our new address. It is on two floors so we'll have a dedicated gallery space on the first floor with the shop on the ground floor.

All this has meant our new website will be pushed back a little bit, but we're working hard to get both the new shop and the new website ready as soon as possible!

Our shop in Clifton Arcade is still open, but if you're planning on making a special trip, please do get in touch to make sure someone will be there.


littlemithi said...


littlemithi said...

Oh yes ... and you don't need a new member of staff for the new shop, do you? Hint Hint ...

Soma Gallery said...

Hi Mithi, I might well do - get in touch!

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