Monday, 5 April 2010

New Blog Header Designed by Lesley Barnes


Our super brand new header has been designed for us by Illustrator and Animator Lesley Barnes. Lesley has been selling her fantastic bookmarks with us since last summer and they have proved to be a very popular addition to our stock.

Lesley Barnes bookmark

Lesley Barnes bookmark

Bookmarks by Lesley.

Glasgow based Lesley loves tea, brass buttons vintage books and old lady hats. She started as an animator and her graduation film 'Herzog and the Monsters' has shown at film festivals over the world and won a nimber of prizes including BAFTA Scottish Students on Screen and best animation at the Chicago International Children' film festival. Since she graduated in 2006 she have worked on a few short films for BBC Scotland, designed title sequences, directed adverts (for the economist and the charity tommys). Her last two animation projects were animations for a Channel 4 documentary (she worked with Matt Saunders aka rabbitportal on this) and also a short web based film for DBB in new york on preventing teenage suicide in America.


Herzog and the Monsters from Lesley Barnes on Vimeo.

Lesley only started Illustrating about a year ago, although she has managed to fit a large body of work into that small time. One of the first projects she was involved in was for Amelia's Anthology of Illustration. As well as having work included in the book, she created the contents and the endpages of the book.

Lesley Barnes

A spread from the book above and the endpaper pattern below.


One of her current personal projects is to illustrate a pack of cards. You can view her progress here. She hopes to eventually build a huge house of cards!

Lesley Barnes


Other projects include animating a title sequence of the BBC and an animated short called '7' with Thereza Rowe. The image below shows some of the characters they have created.


We can't wait to see what she will do next!

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